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Téma: MSI Afterburner

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    Standardní MSI Afterburner

    Narazil som na GPU OC utilitku velmi podobnu eVGA Precision, akurat ma nejake tie moznosti naviac. Tou hlavnou by malo byt moznost zvysenia Vcore hodnoty u kariet roznych znaciek.

    HOMEPAGE: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/overview.htm

    Aktulana verzia k stiahnutiu je : MSI Afterburner v.1.1.0


    l více než 85% možnost přetaktování
    l funkce zvýšení napětí pro zvýšení přetaktovávacího potenciálu
    l Snadné nastavení Core/Shader/Memory hodin
    l monitorování hodin/napětí/teploty/ventilátoru v reálném čase
    l maximální/minimální hodnoty pro snadné zaznamenávání stavu systému
    l zobrazování informací na displeji monitoru v průběhu her
    l informace ve Windows liště v reálném čase
    l speciální mód pro “hardcore monitoring"

    l pět profilů pro snadné uložení/nahrání přizpůsobeného nastavení
    l profilové klávesové zkratky pro snadné a rychlé přepínaní
    l automatické přepínaní profilu 2D/3D pro různé scenáře

    Speciální funkce
    l pokročilá kontrola rychlosti pro různé rychlosti ventilátoru při různých teplotách
    l Multi-GPU nezávislá kontrola taktů/napětí/ventilátoru
    l informační tlačítko pro informaci a aktualizaci ovladačů grafické karty, verzí BIOSu, stavu karty
    l možnost uživatelských skinů
    l aplikování taktovacích nastavení při startu systému


    Naposledy upravil janko_hrasko; 25.11.2009 v 13:41.
    HP Compaq 8710p: T9300 | 4GB DDR2 | 250GB | Quadro NVS 320M @ 700/1730/950 |WSXGA+ 1680x1050 | Win7x64u ...

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    Standardní Re: MSI Afterburner

    Afterburner v.1.2.0 (2009-10-12)
    - Add voltage adjustment of ATI Radeon HD 5870 and 5850
    - Added NVIDIA G 210 and GT 240 series graphics cards support
    - Added voltage control for custom design MSI N220GT and N240GT series graphics cards with uP6262 voltage regulators
    - Added intitial AMD RADEON HD 5750 and AMD RADEON HD 5770 series graphics cards support
    - Added Logitech keyboards LCD displays support. Now it is possible to display hardware monitor data in Logitech keyboards LCD
    - Extended I2C address scanning range for uP6208 voltage regulators to allow supporting voltage control on non-MSI custom design graphics cards equipped with uP6208
    - Fixed on-board memory size detection for AMD RADEON HD 5000 series graphics cards
    - Now option also affects voltage control
    - Fixed database entry for AMD RADEON HD 4890 series graphics cards. Afterburner no longer adjusts 2D voltage instead of 3D voltage on AMD RADEON HD 4890
    - Fixed database entry for AMD RADEON HD 5850 series graphics cards. Afterburner no longer adjusts UVD voltage instead of 3D voltage on AMD RADEON HD 5850
    - Automatic profiles manager is now restarted after resuming from suspended mode
    - Revised VRM access synchronization protocol for safer simultaneous VRM polling by multiple software products at the same time
    - Added setting to the context menu of detached hardware monitor window. When this option is disabled, hardware monitor window can be minimized to the taskbar while staying in detached mode
    - Now it is possible to pause hardware monitor activity via option in the context menu of hardware monitor window
    - Maximum allowed hardware polling period has been extended from 5 to 60 seconds
    - Added configuration file setting allowing power users to display performance profiler status informaition in the hardware monitor window. The information allows estimating average CPU performance hit caused by hardware monitor and software automatic fan control layers
    - Optimized timer message queue processing under high CPU load conditions for better hardware monitoring and software automatic fan control events handling
    - Reduced CPU usage for simultaneous GPU clock frequency and GPU usage readings on AMD graphics cards, both values are being read in single pass now
    - Maximum limits has been extended from 1000 to 1500MHz for core clock graph and from 2000 to 2500MHz for shader clock and memory clock graphs
    - Added readme file and option to display it in the installer
    - Now tab is not displayed in advanced settings window if there are no fan control capable GPUs in the system
    - Updated context help files, added more hints to button help

    Download: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner...erSetup120.zip
    HP Compaq 8710p: T9300 | 4GB DDR2 | 250GB | Quadro NVS 320M @ 700/1730/950 |WSXGA+ 1680x1050 | Win7x64u ...

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    Standardní Re: MSI Afterburner

    Afterburner v.1.4.0 (2009-11-11)

    • Added initial AMD RADEON HD 5970 series graphics cards support
    • Added voltage control for cost down reference design AMD RADEON HD 4870 series graphics cards with L6788A voltage regulators
    • Added voltage control for custom design MSI R4770 Cyclone graphics cards series with uP6204 voltage regulators
    • Ineffective and slow temperature, clock, GPU usage and fan speed monitoring implementation provided by native AMD's ADL SDK has been replaced with own more effective low-level codepath. Due to new codepath hardware monitoring related CPU performance hit has been reduced drastically on the systems with AMD graphics cards and drivers.
    • On-Screen Display and Logitech LCD monitoring modules no longer explicitly read displayed data from hardware and retrieve cached data from monitoring graphs instead. Due to this change CPU performance hit is reduced when OSD or LCD monitoring features are enabled.
    • Fan speed slider position and numeric fan speed input field are now being refreshed in automatic fan speed mode only when MSI Afterburner window is active.
    • Added configuration file switch allowing power users to unlock unofficial overclocking codepath in AMD display drivers (similar to AMDGPUClockTool, ATITool and RivaTuner overclocking implementation on AMD graphics cards).
      Unlike AMD's official ADL SDK overclocking ways, unofficial ones are not limited with CCC clock limit but have some alternate disadvantages (e.g. PowerPlay support limitation).
      Please take a note that unofficial overclocking methods are not supported either by AMD or by MSI, so unlock and use it at your own risk.
    • Now it is possible to toggle performance profiler status info visibility in hardware monitor window via [Show status] option in the context menu.
    • Fixed L6788A database entry for AMD RADEON HD 4770 series graphics cards
    • GPU voltage monitoring feature is now locked and not available by default.
      Unfortunately some inexperienced users don't understand the risk of running multiple tools accessing voltage regulator at the same time and tend to use helper voltage monitoring features in everyday hardware monitoring sessions in conjunction with third party VRM monitoring tools, intensively writing data to VRM and periodically causing it to enter wrong state due to write collision. Unfortunately such issues are wrongly treated by certain users as instability of our product. To prevent such rumors, since this version voltage monitoring feature is no longer available to beginners by default.
      Experienced users understanding these specifics and accepting these risks may unlock voltage monitoring features via new safety option in [General]tab
    • AMD RV8xx I2C microcontroller is now being forcibly reset prior to starting new I2C transaction to minimize the risk of I2C collisions with third party tool without I2C synchronization protocol support (e.g. AMDGPUClockTool)
    • Added safety option allowing users to disable voltage control feature if it is not needed
    • Now Afterburner forcibly changes memory clock for all performance levels at once on AMD graphics cards with equal default memory clocks defined for all performance levels to bypass flickering issue caused by incorrect PowerPlay dynamic memory clock changing implementation on some cards
    • Added Catalyst driver family version detection for AMD graphics cards
    • Added option to display system time in the On-Screen Display
    • Added red and blue editions of default skin
    • Various minor user interface and skin tweaks
    • Added configuration file switches allowing power users to tweak Afterburner startup process and define startup delay or force the startup to be handled by Windows Vista / Windows 7 Task Scheduler to bypass UAC evaluation window (additional Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime libraries installation is required for task scheduler based startup way)
    • MSI On-Screen Display server has been upgraded to version 3.6.0. New server provides improved desktop windows notification mechanism and also features optional power user oriented task scheduler based startup way
    • Added skin format reference documentation. Now third party skin designers may use this local offline documentation to create their own skins for MSI Afterburner. Official MSI Afterburner skin creation contest is approaching!
      Do you feel that you can design nice skins for MSI Afterburner? Stay tuned and don't miss your chance to win the prize!

    Download: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner...erSetup140.zip
    HP Compaq 8710p: T9300 | 4GB DDR2 | 250GB | Quadro NVS 320M @ 700/1730/950 |WSXGA+ 1680x1050 | Win7x64u ...

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